Inan Evin
Software Engineer & Game Developer

Brewed in 1995, I am a game developer with Software Engineering (BSc) and Game Desing (MSc) background. I have been focused on game development and game technologies since 2008, which puts me around 13 years old when I started my journey.

I have recently completed my Master's degree on Game Design in Aalto University (2021), where I have also worked as a Research Assistant for two years. During my time in academia, I have focused on 3D animation programming, procedural content generation and virtual reality, publishing one paper as the first author in CHI Play Conference along the way (3PP-R).

Personally, I am fond of designing software architectures & systems, with an exclusive interest in game engine technologies. I have followed this interest by developing a light-weight 3D game engine (Lina), as my Bachelor's thesis, which I still work on as a side project, completely open-sourced on Github.

I am keen on developing gameplay frameworks, system architectures and player systems for games. Attending 10+ game jams and hackathons has helped me develop a cumulative experience on these fields. Additionally, I have a growing interest in graphics programming, shaders, visual effects (VFX), 3D modelling and animation as a result of working as an independent developer on various projects.

I have part-time/commercial work experience in developing games on Windows, Android, iOS and WebGL platforms, as well as virtual reality (VR) applications on desktop platforms. I am primarily experienced in game development using C++ & C# in tools like Unreal Engine, Unity and CryEngine. I also have desktop application experience using C++ & Java and machine learning & data analysis experience using Python.

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