Art Gallery VR is a virtual reality application I have developed for VR1 studio in United States.

It is developed for various art exhibitions in United States. It is an art gallery simulation, where the player is able to walk around a gallery and inspect various number of arts. The idea is to contribute to the career of independent artists by including a digitized version of their arts inside the application and present the virtual reality demo at different tech and art fairs.

In Art Gallery VR, the players are able to bring up a photo camera view at any point during the game, and take a photo of the current camera view. Afterwards, the players can apply filters to the taken image and share those images over Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or send an e-mail containing the image.

Tools & Technologies: Unity 3D, .NET, C#, Oculus DK2

Responsibilities & Highlights:

  • Was responsible for all of the programming and third party plugin integrations.

  • Virtual reality using Oculus DK2.

  • Dissolve shaders for 3D effects on digitized arts.

  • Camera view feature

  • High resolution in game screenshots.

  • Options to apply various post process filters to the taken screenshots.

  • Share the screenshots on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or by e-mail, directly from the executable.

Below is the media gallery.