Cyberball is a 1 month game project, developed with a team of 3. It is a third person sports game, inspired by the design of Speedball 2 Deluxe on Amiga. 

The purpose of the project was to test our game design skills by picking an already existing game, and re-creating it, or a part of it within a month to see if we were able to build the same game design pillars that the target game built, in order to see if we can achieve player feeling and feedback. We have created a unique theme and feeling, backed up with a lot of juiciness powered by modern visual and audio technologies, along with the similar gameplay mechanics to Speedball 2 to re-create the game's immersion.

The game was developed using Unity 3D 2019.

Inan Evin - Programming / VFX

Juhana Sarkki - 3D Art/Animations

Phil La Grassa - Music/SFX