Outlawz series is the game series I have developed when I first started developing games. Before switching to 3D development using Unity, I used to use Adventure Game Studio (AGS) to develop point & click adventure games. Outlawz series are one of the first games I have developed when I was around 11-12 years old.

The games are about our main protagonist Tre, who is deeply involved in a gang crossover and betrayed by his fellow friends. There are 4 games, each tell a different story but all stories combine in the final game as a big finale.

Tools & Technologies: Adventure Game Studio 2.72 - Adventure Game Studio 3.0, AGS Scripting Language

Responsibilities & Highlights:

  • First games I have ever developed, made me learn adventure mechanics.

  • Inventory systems.

  • Puzzles, mini games like racing and fighting.

  • Dialog system, choice based actions and story development.


Unfortunately, its been around 10 years and I do not have the executables of every one of them. There are 4 games in the outlawz series and I only have 3rd & 4th games' files, I intend to find the other ones, polish and publish them all in one.

Below is the media gallery.