Paraglider Beta is a third person paragliding simulation. It was developed as a part of a game development course in Izmir University of Economics.

In Paraglider Beta, players' aim is to collect coins through the landscape without crashing their chute. Players can use cloud fields that boosts the chute upwards to gain altitude when lost due to poor control. There also exists a first person camera as well as a random action camera that challenges the players to control their chute more carefully. Players can earn coins and upgrade their chute through in game shop.


Paraglider Beta aims to achieve realistic paragliding simulation, in order to implement the physics system for paragliding, we have conducted a research by interviewing paragliding professionals.

Tools & Technologies: Unity 3D, .NET, C#

Team: Inan Evin & Alican Baydır

Responsibilities & Highlights:

  • Was responsible for all of the programming work and UI.

  • Third person player controls.

  • Paragliding physics simulation.

  • Coin collection, death conditions, areas with air flows to boost up chutes.

  • In game purchase with virtual currency, various chutes with different physics attributes.

  • Action camera & first person camera.

Below is the media gallery.