Prison VR is a virtual reality application developed for a particular experiment being conducted in the psychology department of Izmir University of Economics. I was working as the simulation developer and was responsible for all the design process of the simulations with psychology students and professors, as well as the development of the simulation.

Prison VR is a part of an experiment that aims to differentiate factors in a person's anger management. The idea was particular color ranges help people to calm down, while others initiate anger and anxiety. In Prison VR, the participant is attached to MYO Armband to measure contractions in arm muscles that manage the joystick, as well as an heartbeat sensor. Participants' aim is to escape from the prison, by deciding whether to fight or run away from guardians approaching in the escape path. If the participant decides to fight, game offers a first person brawling mechanism.


We have tracked detailed data like reaction times, hit rates, hit success, hit intervals as well as all the artificial intelligence related fight data. Then we have extracted information from this data and aligned it with the data we have received from heartbeat sensors, MYO Armband and an eye-tracking system.


We have repeated the process with various type of participants and with different color palettes applied to the 3D environment in the game. All these data were used as a part of the study.

Tools & Technologies: Unity 3D, .NET, C#, Oculus DK2, C++/CLI, MYO Armband, Tobii Eyetracker

Responsibilities & Highlights:

  • Was responsible for all of the programming & Unity work.

  • Virtual reality using Oculus DK2.

  • Cutscenes and events.

  • Player versus AI brawling mechanism in virtual reality.

  • MYO Armband integration.

  • Heartbeat sensor integration using an adapter application developed with C++/CLI.

  • Tobii Eyetracker integration.

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