Their Home

Their Home is a tiny open-world game about kindness. You play as a bird, and try to help the villagers of a remote mountainside village to feel more connected. This village has a sad story and very particular reasons for why the people living in it behave the way they do, and feel the way they do. Your job is to follow the daily routines of these villagers, listen to their problems, identify solutions and help them overcome their issues to bring the joy back to the village. Their Home was developed under the 3rd game project in Game Project course of Aalto University Game Design & Production Master's degree programme.

I have worked as a main programmer in this project, writing open-world game systems for NPC's to continuously process daily routines like walking, having dialogues, playing animations and handling their character specific tasks like knitting, cooking, gardening etc. The biggest challenge of this game, programmatically, was that the NPC's have an infinite day cycle, which they continue to do their daily actions unless missions are completed by the player, in which case they obtain new actions, dialogues, paths etc. So I had to build an extensive, modular and flexible open-world NPC AI tool, that the game and level designers of the project can also use to edit NPC paths, dialogues and behaviors without having to touch the code.