Unforeseen is a First Person, sci-fi, horror and adventure game with an intense backstory. The development process was done with Unity 3D engine. Our aim is to make a first person adventure game which is something more than "a camera flying in multiple nicely rendered places”.

In Unforeseen, we had focused on delivering a quality immersion feeling, by creating a compelling story and including full body camera view with hand and body animations throughout the interactions in the game.  The game was mainly build around the mechanic where the player interaction with the current objects in the scene triggers interactive cinematics from the protagonist's memory. By remembering and playing the past of the protagonist and focusing on the details, the players were able to solve the current puzzles.

This game is so important for me because in 2 years of development it has thought me a lot of things and made me acquire many skills that I think I would not be able to gain without a project like this. I have learned that developing systems with proper engineering techniques and design principles, achieving modular system communications, using test driven development and many other techniques, as well as using proper documentation, is crucial to actually achieve an end product that works. That game, has made me understand that being a developer will never be sufficient enough, because I needed to become an engineer who can think outside of the box and who is able to properly design before implementing.

When we first started developing Unforeseen, we were using Unity 4.6. After a short period, Unity 5 was introduced, and it was the first time I had to learn and use Physically Based Rendering (PBR) techniques in a game project. We had migrated from 4.6 to Unity 5, and development process continued.

Tools & Technologies: Unity 4.6 & 5, .NET, C#, C++ 11 for external libraries, Blender, Marmoset Toolbag, Substance, ZBrush

Responsibilities & Highlights:

  • Worked as the single Unity developer.

  • Have been responsible for designing & implementing player and user systems, gameplay mechanics, audio and UI systems, animation & 3D integrations, localization, level art by lighting and post process, various VFX work.

  • Test driven development.

  • First person view with full body camera integrations.

  • Object inspection & interaction systems.

  • Event based audio systems.

  • Audio & subtitle systems.

  • Fast player data serialization through many checkpoints.

  • First person & third person cutscene switches.

  • Cutscene directing.

  • Puzzle mechanics.

  • Inventory system with item crafting.

  • Delivered an end product that is a demo in the biggest gaming fair in Turkey, Gaming Istanbul (GIST).


Team: Inan Evin, Sercan Altundas, Ferhat Tanman

Below is a gallery including an alpha gameplay video and in game images of Unforeseen.