Vokabel Rally is a game I have developed for DASAkademie, a German education center located in multiple countries.

Vokabel Rally offers various game modes, maps, cars and car customization. It is targeted at the children at particular private school who are able to use their points on an online platform to perform various activities. One of the sources for earning points is playing Vokabel Rally. In Vokabel Rally, players' aim is to collect as many correct words as possible while driving on the road and avoiding the incorrect words depending on the word category selected.

Tools & Technologies: Unity 3D, .NET, C#

Target Platform: WebGL

Responsibilities & Highlights:

  • Was responsible for all of the programming and Unity development.

  • Database socket connections, all the in game shop items, game modes, maps, word categories, player data, item price data and more are requested and drawn from an external database using a webserver API.

  • Extensive security measures and encryption on the client side.

  • In game purchase system, purchase cars, colors & upgrades.

  • Map, game mode, weather and time of the day selection.

  • Physics based car mechanics, turbo and NOS attributes.

  • Procedural generation of environment props, along with procedurally generated roads.

  • Procedural distribution of collectible words on the generated roads.

Below is the media gallery.